Alarm Monitoring

If the intruder alarm activates, typically the alarm will sound the external and internal sounders first. The alarm can then communicate to you through the following methods (if set up):  

    • Dedicated Intruder Alarm App  

    The intruder alarm is connected to your internet router onsite or a data SIM card is installed for the system to communicate to the cloud account. The App is not limited to the number of devices as each device will have its own account. You would receive a push notification which will prompt you to login to the App using a PIN number and password. The menu will display the detectors activated and will allow you to silence the alarm.      

        • 24 Hour UK Manned Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)   

        The intruder alarm is configured to contact the ARC using a roaming SIM card which can access all data mobile networks. If the alarm is activated, the ARC is notified and they will then call all the nominated key holders until the telephone call is answered. You would authenticate who you are by providing them with a pre-set password and then arrange one of the keyholders to attend to the property. In addition to this, Police response can be applied which means that upon two confirmed signals (two different detectors are activated within 30 minutes of each other) the Police would attend the property and be informed before you are called to be informed of the activation.

        The above options will be discussed in detail at the time of the survey 

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